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After 3 year recess from drawing I've created thing on the left:

(Link to right picture

I had practically no knowledge of drawing human postures* and did it just for fun. And look where this "fun"** brought me.

There are still things I'm struggling with like color composition, dynamic poses/scenes, perspective and backgrounds. However reading art blogs/tutorials, watching other artists work and practicing on paper and tablet will gradually improve every aspect that I'm having trouble with. I've even made a notebook to draw sketches on the go when I don't have access to tablet (I've never posted anything from its content, I'm too lazy to scan it and clean scans).

So with no point to prove and no lesson to teach I'm ending this entry,

*(Which is weird since my Wakfu characters looked good. Maybe lack of template was the reason - which is stupid because now my characters are based on Wakfu to some point. "Why life have to be so ironic!" - One of the greatest philosophers of our time, Sweetie Belle)
**("fun" aka drawing humanized ponies most of the time. So don't be angry I'm changing them from time to time.)
Template and concept of maymay by Bampire

(Closed means closed)

By "popular" demand. But my body (software) wasn't fully ready.[link]

And I prefer answering questions here, not on YT. If I'll see anyone acting inappropriate, rude, comments will be blocked etc.